"when you embrace challenge, you embrace change...create possibilities" 
~Michelle Trabelsi

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After undergoing major weight loss, I have always tried to find new ways to challenge my body, after years of incorporating Zumba, body pump, spin, body combat , weight lifting, running, and hiking to stay healthy and keep the weight off. 

I was speaking to my friend Flor one day and she introduced to BCY after I told her I needed to find ways to change up my routine, and start focusing on toning. My belly has always been my biggest concern from being overweight. I was never into yoga when I was overweight because I felt awkward and felt that I lacked strength--and to be honest normal yoga classes can get boring after the one hour of calm music and same flows. Well, to my surprise BCY was not like any regular yoga. It incorporated weights (which I've always loved) and butt strength series that left my entire body sore for days--and an amazing playlist rocked each class by Jill! Each class is challenging and I notice when I consistently attend the classes my belly starts to slim down.

In the most recent months I've gotten feedback from people saying "wow your legs look amazing" or "is your butt growing"? And trust me, I've tried everything to give my booty some sort of lift because I was not blessed in the gene pool. BCY is the class that I find myself thinking of Descartes. "I think; therefore I am". I found that the power of the mind in this class is key. BCY has taught me that I am stronger than what I thought I was and that I can be flexible too. It has also helped slim my arms as well, and that to me is a huge success because going from having overweight arms to slimmer arms isn't easy. I started with 5 lb weights when I began the class, then increased to 6's and now as Jill says "rocking my 7's". I hope by the end of this year I can end the year with 8's or 9's. I'm glad I was introduced to this class because I know it's changing my body a class at a time. And when it comes to my personal weight loss goal, I am still a work in progress and BCY is a tool that will enable me to achieve the body and strength that I've always wanted to have.

PS- Thank you Michelle for creating BCY! Many thanks to Jill from the bottom of my heart because she really cares and always makes sure to answer any questions I have, and class just wouldn't be the same without her! March 12, 2016 ~Jazmin Gelista, Las Vegas, NV 


Transformation. Strength. Stamina. Endurance. Those four words describe what my experience with BCY has been.

My LOVE of BCY started in August of husband was traveling often and this mom of four wanted to stay active but couldn't find a class that fit her schedule...except for BCY. That first class was THE hardest class I've ever taken: it challenged me like no other. I only showed up the following week because it was the ONLY class I could squeeze in during the week! I found myself taking breaks and modifying that first class and the second class, but then I noticed something the third class...less breaks, less modifications. This could only mean one thing: I was getting stronger! I was already slim to begin with but I was certainly toning in areas that were previously hard for me to target (the booty!!) Within a month, people were noticing I was slimming down and asked what I was doing to achieve my physique.

Two years have gone by and I still attend my one BCY class every week. I've been asked how many times I work out at the gym, and I can honestly say just one time. My best kept secret? It's BCY. 

The combination strength series with yoga flow have directly impacted my life. I have already attested to the strength but I have found myself focusing on my breathing during stressful work situations and overall day to day activities. That 60 minutes a week class is the best gift I can give myself.

PS I love how you see hearts everywhere you go. Truly a heart full of gratitude because of your class, Michelle Leilani Trabelsi and the FABULOUS Jill Dilworth Mullin, this mom of 4 can rock a swimsuit! I love being this strong and healthy. March 10, 2016 ~Flor Mowery, Las Vegas, NV 


When I first heard of Bootie Camp Yoga I thought it was more for woman, about 10 minutes into my first class my mind was immediately changed. I found myself training muscles that have been long neglected in my body. As someone who prides himself on peak physical condition I was very excited to find a new way to train more muscles I couldn't train with traditional workouts. My increase of range of motion and core and glute strength has turned me into a passionate promoter of the program. I strongly encourage males to give it a shot, but only if you can live with getting your butt kicked by a girl for 60 minutes. Thank you Michelle Trabelsi & Laura Semenyei for bringing my fitness to a whole new level. February 5, 2014 ~Stephen Thorstensen


Bootie Camp Yoga has changed my life in many ways. To start, I love taking group classes and being in a "team" atmosphere with others that share the same likes as myself. When I discovered Bootie Camp Yoga, I was so excited because I finally found a class that I can get an awesome workout while hitting hardest to get target areas. I really dislike doing cardio, so when I took the class and I was dripping sweat I was so excited because I found something that I can do to detox my body through strength training and burn even more fat than what cardio has to offer (build muscle and burn fat all at once? Yes PLEASE!). in 60- 90 minutes (Either Bootie Camp Yoga or Bootie Camp Yoga Intensive), I can get a total body workout and not have to torture myself at the gym through running my brains out! lol. When I became certified, I was even more excited because I can actually do the class with my students every time without putting too much stress on my body. This class has helped me lose about 5 Ibs. (which the last couple pounds are the hardest), and also completely transformed my body giving me more definition and doing an amazing job at toning my cellulite. I get every age group in Bootie Camp Yoga, and Every fitness level ALL IN ONE CLASS! I have taught many different classes and this has proven to me and my students that if you eat right, this exercise will give you the best results imaginable over every intense exercise you can think of. Go BOOTIE CAMP YOGA! Thank you so much michelle for giving society something that the body deserves (and craves). ~ Laura Semenyei, RYT & BCY Instructor


I Love Bootie Camp Yoga because it combines my two passions of body strength by using weights and performing yoga poses all in one.   Overall,  the health benefits of yoga are numerous. Learning the postures have helped my body posture, and the stretching of my muscles have increased my flexibly.  Moreover,  the concentration on my core and butt have improved my overall muscle tone all while feeling fabulous.  ~Feb 5, 2014 M. Parker


I Love Bootie Camp Yoga and want to learn to teach it so that I can spread the passion. 
Feb 5, 2014 A. Hoffort


For men too! I was at the very first BCY class and its appeal to me was immediate. Fun music, great instructor, great variety of movements and results you can really notice (and did I say great instructor!) I would usually rather create my own workouts instead of a class but this takes me further and accomplishes so much more than I could do in such a short time. Like I would work on balancing on my own, right? I love when the cross-fit crowd comes in and struggles, then I know I’m in the right place. The energy from this morning class stays with me the entire day. Can’t say enough good things about it. ~ March 21, 2013 Chris M.


I started practicing yoga a few months back with Michelle and after the first class I knew it was something that could help me as a whole. I needed a workout that would clear my mind, help me focus, get me into shape and also that would teach me balance as well as help my anxiety. Nothing I have tried before has ever really worked out for me until I became a regular at Michelle’s yoga classes. From Yin all the way too hot yoga I have fallen in love with the practice. I have taken a few friends to show them what a life can be with yoga in it; hoping to show others what it can really do for you as a whole not just an exercise. It has helped me a lot in my life and give thanks to Michelle for being such an amazingly patient, caring, fun and professional instructor. I have tried all different types of classes and yoga has been the only thing that has stuck for me. I will continue to take her classes and love every time I do that I learn something new and feel challenged as well. Thank You Michelle for everything. Namaste, March 24, 2013 Jen R.

I started taking Michelle’s yoga class back at Gold’s gym when one day it morphed into Bootie Camp Yoga. I sucked down my pride knowing I would probably be the only man in the class, but I knew it was a great core workout from people who took it at Sweat Cardio and out in wine country. It is probably the most strenuous class I take every week, but the level of difficulty is up to you. Anyhow, have been pretty much a regular since it started. I ditched the light weights and went to kettle bells, and keep upping those every few weeks. The core workout has been great…but I have a problem! Every pair of pants I own is now baggy on the posterior!!!Every pair of pants I own is now baggy on the posterior!  ~February 19, 2013 by Crispin C.

I have been practicing under Michelle for two years now. Her philosophies on yoga have changed my life in more ways than one! She is such an inspiration on so many levels. Knowing she is physically disabled and was forced out of her former career but has continued to practice, teach and now create Booty Camp Yoga is such an inspiration to me! I love her positive, encouraging attitude which spills over into her practice. She has encouraged me to continue to practice and to challenge myself and to always modify when necessary. There’s truly a yogi inside us all waiting to get out and I’m blessed that Michelle was the one who unleashed mine.  ~Aug 16, 2011 by Lynette S.

Hi Michelle, I just received an e-mail that my fitness facility Power Pros in Temecula is going to demo a bootie camp yoga class, I was very excited for a new class and to focus on an area I am ALWAYS working on. Then I went a bit deeper into the info for the class and the creator, you, and my excitement and inspiration is beyond boundaries. First I saw your picture and thought WOW amazing body, but what really got me was your story. I can not believe your age only 1 year away from me and your struggle with lower back pain and sciatica, which I have and still struggle with daily. How encouraging to find that your creation has helped your chronic pain and peace of mind, I am hoping it will do the same for me. I am very excited to try the class next week. Thanks for your inspiration, ~ August 6, 2012 Lisa W.