"when you embrace challenge, you embrace change...create possibilities" ~MT

National Yoga & Fitness Instructor
YACEP/AFAA/ACE/SWC National Continuing Education Provider
Manduka Ambassador  lululemon Legacy Ambassador

 entrepreneur • artist • athlete • mom ambassador • creator of Bootie Camp Yoga®®

Hello my name is Michelle Trabelsi. I am the creator of Bootie Camp Yoga®. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and the exciting new yoga fitness program I have created. I am a 53 year old mother of three, and I have been teaching group fitness for over two decades.  I am a national  Yoga and Fitness Instructor, and national continuing educational provider for AFAA, ACE, SCW & YACEP, as well as a 200/hour Yoga Alliance registered school. I co-owned and operated a martial arts training facility which included a kickboxing, boot camp & yoga program. I am also an artist, entrepreneur, 2nd degree black belt martial artist,

After becoming sidelined by hip and lower back sports related injuries, I found the practice of power based yoga and its methods, put me on the road to recovery from the injuries I had suffered and the lack of mobility I experienced. Since that time I have worked tirelessly to create a power yoga based fitness program that included elements of the other disciplines I have studied that would benefit men, women and children regardless of age or conditioning. Power yoga and its methods of “deep body stretches” and emphasis on body centering and balance helped to alleviate the pain I was suffering and as an added benefit, sculpted my booty & core, and Bootie Camp Yoga® was born.

I sincerely hope that you will find the Bootie Camp Yoga® fitness program to be a rewarding and body changing experience as I have and a program that you will find compelling and evolving enough, to make it part of your endeavor to live a more healthy and active lifestyle!

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Michelle Trabelsi Studio-Bootie Camp Yoga® is a 200/hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. More Info HERE